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Matt Jarreau (804) 306-9019

Matt Jarreau
(804) 306-9019

Matt Jarreau

I’m a Richmond native and have stayed local my entire life.  I was raised in both Glen Allen and Ginter Park, giving me a great first hand perspective on suburban and city living.  

I attended Benedictine from 1996-2000 which gave me my first glimpse of urban living and planted the seeds for being interested in real estate and architecture.  In high school and college I managed pools throughout RVA and drove up to 700 miles a week.  I gained an intimate understanding of the city and surrounding counties in those  early days.  

Before graduating in 2006 from VCU, I completed a study of New Urbanization which opened my eyes to the many interesting neighborhoods in the city as well as current and past trends in population shifts, zoning and planning. While at VCU I discovered Church Hill and in March 2006, just before graduating, I closed on my first home. I knew at that moment that I would be involved in real estate on some level for years to come.  

Within 6 weeks of graduation I had my Real Estate License in hand and began my career and have never looked back. It’s a privilege and a joy to help people everyday buy or sell their homes, rentals, or multifamily properties.  

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Ernie Chamberlain

After graduating from college in northwest Ohio in 2005, my wife and I moved to North Carolina. We lived there for six years while I taught various levels of English and Language Arts. We had a comfortable life in N.C., but we grew eager to shake things up. Her career brought us to Richmond in 2011 where I continued teaching. The new city, new jobs, and new friends all contributed to our love of Richmond.  It was during these first few years in Richmond when I decided to follow my heart and to pursue a different career path.  I spent a long time searching for the next challenge...

When I started in real estate, I knew I was onto something incredible. It was an absolute, total game-changer for me and my wife.  The first house I sold was like a whirlwind of excitement and adventure.  I was helping a young couple make the largest purchase of their life - and even more than that, I was helping them find their home.  And that's what it's all about - helping people step-by-step to find the place they'll call home.  

I am passionate about helping others, and I get my energy from being around people — which makes real estate a perfect career.  I have the privilege of helping amazing individuals and couples everyday.  I provide each of them with outstanding communication, personal insight, and superb market knowledge.  

Richmond was love at first sight for me.  The people, the culture, the general good will and feel of the city — I love it all.  So whether you're looking north or south of the James River, I want to help you.  

Jen skrzypek

I’m originally from Pennsylvania and graduated from Penn State University in 2010. I’ve been in RVA now for several years and it truly feels like home. When I first moved here, I fell in love with all of the outdoor beauty, the rivers, trails, and of course the amazing people.

I spent the last several years working in special events & the service industry as well as in property management. It was the property management experience that led into my career as a real estate agent and working with George: A Real Estate Group. I love the people I get to work with and have always valued my relationships with my clients.

It’s a pleasure to serve the people of RVA. As my career moves forward, I look forward to the many more great client relationships and friendships yet to come.